What To Do If Your OnlyFans Account Gets Banned

There have been cases of users of the OnlyFans Account getting a notification stating that their OnlyFans account is banned. This message is usually displayed after they try to log in. Immediately after seeing this message, the only thought that goes through anyone’s mind is, how can this ban be lifted?

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There are other ways to recover the banned OnlyFans accounts, so panic is unnecessary. The details in this article will help in understanding how to remove the ban and recover the banned account.


Understanding The Reason For Ban

First, it is important to understand why the OnlyFans account was banned. This will help in understanding any future similar issues that may arise and what steps have to be followed to avoid them. 

There are many reasons for accounts getting suspended. It could be due to violating the rules and regulations or making prohibited videos, and it could also be not following the community guidelines prescribed by OnlyFans.

Other reasons for the ban could include promoting spam comments, sharing unsuited content, engaging in deceptive behavior, or even posting misleading information. After understanding the reason for the ban, the next step is how to remove this ban.


Steps To Recover OnlyFans Banned Account

If the OnlyFans account is banned, the only option left is to remove the ban and recover the account. The content creation on OnlyFans is exploding nowadays due to its immense popularity. Many content creators have turned it into a full-time career. But there exists a risk of OnlyFans getting banned and the account getting deleted. A few steps to recover the banned account include,

Appeal Against The Ban

  • The following are the instructions to appeal against the OnlyFans account ban,
  • First, log into the account of the banned OnlyFan site.
  • Look for the help center/support page and click on it.
  • When clicking on the support page, it may ask to re-enter login details. Enter the details.
  • A page asking to enter personal details and a few other details relating to the ban will appear. 
  • When appealing against the ban, it is vital to be polite and precise and provide relevant details about the banned account to the support team. 
  • Make sure, to begin with a polite, warm introduction and provide the username, name, email address and any other details associated with the OnlyFans account. 
  • Explain and acknowledge the issue by politely presenting the case against the ban. Then ask for a review, and in conclusion, it is essential to thank the support team. 
  • Never lie about anything and conclude using the word “Regards” followed by the name. Make sure the tone in the appeal is respectful and professional.
  • After completing the form, ensure the user clicks on the submit button at the bottom of the page.

Wait For Response

After appealing against the ban, it is time to wait for the response from the support team. It might take a few days to receive a reply from the support team as it takes time to review individual cases.

Never re-appeal without getting a reply from the support team, as it could hinder the chances of removing the ban. If the ban is lifted, never repeat the same mistake in the future.

If the ban is not lifted, the other option is to create a new account, post content in it, and strictly follow the guidelines of the OnlyFans user account, which will help prevent future bans.

Ask The Support Team To Rethink

If the support team replies that the ban will not be lifted, it is time to appeal against it and stress the commitment to follow OnlyFans guidelines. This re-appeal could be the last chance to lift the ban.

Therefore it is essential to express gratitude and thank them for the reply. Address their concerns politely. Offer them a plan to improve and ask for a second chance. Then thank the support team and wait for the reply.


Other Options To Bypass Ban

If the support team refuses to remove the ban again, they have blocklisted the user and all information relating to this account. The data could be email addresses, payment methods, IP addresses, and other personal details entered while creating the OnlyFans account. Other options to bypass the ban include,

Request Deletion Of Data

When planning to create a new OnlyFans account, the user must request the support team to delete the existing user data. This will help start with a clean slate and protect from future bans.

As per General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy laws, the user has the right to request the deletion of their data from any service provider, including OnlyFans. The steps to request data deletion are as follows,

  • Locate the support team’s email address from their website.
  • Send an email to the support team of OnlyFans.
  • The email’s subject line should mention “Request For Data Deletion.”
  • In the body of the email, include the username, full name of the account holder, and email address associated with the banned account.
  • Mention that this email is a request for personal data deletion.
  • Additional details may be asked to verify the owner. Enter those details and send the email.
  • After that, there is no need to wait for their reply.

Uninstall The OnlyFans App 

After the email for removing personal data is sent, uninstall the OnlyFans app from all devices and delete all the browser activities related to the OnlyFans account. 

Other Steps To Follow Are

  • Get a new phone number.
  • Create a new email address.
  • Use a good quality VPN service, which helps change the IP address. Make sure to use the VPN service for at least two months.
  • Now browse the OnlyFans website and create a new account.
  • Enter all relevant details carefully, and enter new payment details.



OnlyFans is an online subscription service where content creators publish content, and the fans subscribe to this content creator’s account by paying a subscription amount. The concept is simple, but nowadays, the reputation of OnlyFans is at risk.

It is mainly because many content creators post just their erotic photos and videos of themselves to get subscribers. As long as all users follow the rules and regulations of OnlyFans, it will help them to connect financially.