Instagram Story Features Every OnlyFans Creator Should Use

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Do you know how many people use Instagram to consume content from their devices? According to statistics, this platform has around 2.35 billion monthly users. Whenever people see any brand or business promoting their products or services on Instagram, they eventually become interested in buying them. OnlyFans creators can also use this platform to promote their content and gain followers. 

Every OnlyFans influencer wants to get famous, but many fail because they lack marketing skills. Most creators hire marketing agencies like to manage their OnlyFans account. If you cannot afford to hire such agencies, you can use other social media to market your content. In this article, you will find various Instagram story features that can help you promote your OnlyFans profile. 


What Do You Mean By Instagram Story? 

Instagram Story is a fantastic feature using which you can post your videos and photos for your followers to watch. These stories automatically disappear after 24 hours, so you do not have to delete them yourselves. Whenever someone creates a story on their IG account, a red-colored ring appears on their display pictures. It helps their followers know they have posted something. The followers can easily tap the colored circle to view your photos or videos. 

Many companies have started using IG stories to promote their businesses. And the same goes for the OnlyFans creators. They can also create some amazing Instagram stories to increase subscribers to their OF profile. Scroll down to learn about some excellent IG story features to promote your OnlyFans account. 


Instagram Story Features For OnlyFans Creators


Use Poll Stickers To Involve Your Audience

If you want to boost engagement on IG stories, consider using poll stickers. It is an interesting method to interact with your audience on Instagram. For instance, by sharing the poll, many content creators post stories asking their followers to choose their outfits. It is an effortless way of having conversations with the users. As an OnlyFans creator, you can ask your audience what content they want to watch by sharing a poll sticker on your IG stories.


Ask A Question To Your Followers

When OnlyFans join Instagram, most people do not know much about them. Asking questions to your followers will help them discover more about you. They will know who you are and the content you create on your OF account. Ensure to answer all the questions so that people won’t feel you are skipping their questions on purpose. Remember to be true to your followers and not hide things from them. It will help you in building a good relationship with the users. 


Emoji Sliders To Make Things Fun 

If you are bored of using question stickers to interact with your followers, here is another better way to do it. Emoji Slider was launched by Instagram in 2018, and since then, it has become popular. This feature allows creators to ask their followers more nuanced queries. People must drag the emoji on the slider to help the creators make the right decision. It is the best choice for creators with little time to reply to their followers on messages or question stickers.


Chat Stickers To Boost Engagement

Most OnlyFans creators make adult-related content and hesitate to reveal their identity on Instagram. If you are amongst them, do not worry. Chat stickers are an excellent method to build a quick chat forum where you can interact with your followers in a bit of privacy. However, only 32 persons can participate in such chat forums. 

The best thing about these chat forums is that you have the freedom to choose who can join the chat forum. Think about your target audience while choosing the participants for such chats. After creating the chat forum, you can talk with the participants to help them know more about you and your OnlyFans content. 


Go Live On Instagram Frequently

Going live on Instagram is another way of interacting with your fans. It helps you in boosting your engagement instantly. It is a suitable method of capturing your audience’s attention. Users can ask you questions on the Live, which you should answer to build a good connection with them. Instagram invites your followers to join the Live session whenever you go Live. It is better to go Live at a time when your target audience is active on Instagram. 


Don’t Forget To Use The Swipe Up Feature

The primary purpose of using Instagram for OnlyFans creators is to encourage people to visit their OF profile and watch their content. With the help of the Swipe Up option, you can redirect your IG followers to your OnlyFans account. Interested candidates will Swipe Up the link to see your content on OnlyFans. It will help the users learn who you are in reality and what type of content you promote on Instagram. 

However, there are a few limitations to using the Swipe Up feature. Only the business and verified profiles can use the Swipe Up on their IG stories. You must have at least 10,000 followers on your Instagram account to use this feature. 


Geolocation Hashtags To Increase Your Reach

Who will you show your OnlyFans content if you don’t have a decent number of followers on Instagram? One of the best ways to build organic reach on this platform is to use location and geolocation hashtags in your IG stories. To do this, you will first have to identify the location of your target audience. Your stories must reach the right audience interested in your OnlyFans content. 


To Sum Up

Increasing subscribers on your OnlyFans account can be a challenging task. It would help if you created profiles on other social media platforms to promote your OnlyFans content. Instagram is the best platform for OnlyFans creators, as millions of people use it. After creating an account on Instagram, you must regularly post stories to boost your engagement. Check out the above IG story features to understand how you can make your stories more creative and engaging. 


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